Your subscription lasts for one year unless agreed otherwise.


We will alert you when your subscription is due for renewal.  If you wish to terminate your subscription you should then tell us so in writing (e.g. email). Failing that we will send you an invoice for the next year’s subscription. You will have a further ten days from that invoice to tell us that you wish to terminate your subscription. If you do not do so your subscription will be continue for the next year, on the same terms, and you will be liable to pay the invoice.


Our fees normally vary according to the number of people in your organisation and according to their role. If your number of staff increases during a subscription period for which you have paid we will not normally make an additional charge, but we reserve the right to do so if the numbers increase by more than 20% or if it seems the information you provided to us about your numbers was not accurate.


We may agree a discount with you in return for you committing to a subscription for more than one year. Your annual fee will then be fixed accordingly for the duration of your commitment (give or take any adjustments that may arise due to significant changes in your staff numbers).


Our materials are copyright and may only be used by partners, directors and employees of your organisation. You agree to use your best endeavours to prevent any breach of our intellectual property rights, and to assist us in taking action against anyone responsible for such breach. You will inform us of such breaches of which you become aware. In the case of breach we may notify any appropriate professional body, and the police, and bring legal proceedings against those responsible. Action which may cause us to do that would include providing your login details and password to people outside your firm or otherwise allowing anyone outside your firm to see copies of our materials. We monitor the IP address of computers accessing our on-line materials and will notify you of any suspicious usage.


We will normally communicate with you by email. You agree to notify us of any change to the email address we should use, and to ensure that messages from are not blocked by your spam filter. If any communication we send to you does not get through as a result of such failure, it will be deemed to have been received by you.


We agree to keep safe and confidential information provided by you and your users in the course of using our online system, such as email addresses and training records.


We always endeavour to state the law clearly and accurately, but neither Socrates Training Limited nor individual contributors can accept liability for losses caused by accidental errors in our materials. We may from time to time answer questions from subscribers. That is done on a voluntary basis and neither Socrates Training Limited nor the individuals involved accept any liability for the consequences of reliance.