Socrates was established by Bernard George, Director of Socrates, in 2003 to help firms deal with the challenges of money laundering compliance. Since then we have helped over 2000 business, mainly in the law, estate agency and accountancy sectors. Many subscribers have been with us throughout our existence.

In 2019, Socrates Training came together with Riliance and are now part of Access – a top 10 UK software, training and services business. We have combined an extensive list of products and the breadth of experience from Access, Socrates and Riliance to create an industry leading offering in learning and compliance solutions.

The Access Group provides software, services and training designed to make the job of complying with the expanding list of regulations easier for firms. We work with firms of all sizes and understand that each has its own compliance challenges and outlook, and wants easy to use and effective solutions


Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher and teacher. He developed the dialectic method of enquiry, sometimes known as the Socratic method. It is the origin of the scientific method of enquiry.

Socrates observed that the influential citizens of Athens knew little but considered themselves to know much. He concluded that he was only wise in that “what I don’t know, I don’t think I know.”

He was put on trial for corrupting the young with such teachings, and was sentenced to death. Instead of fleeing he chose to remain in Athens, and to take his own life by drinking hemlock.

We adopted his name because we strive to match his honesty, originality and teaching skill.