CQS Practice Management Standards

This is only relevant to you if your firm is a member of the Law Society’s “Conveyancing Quality Scheme”.

New CQS practice management standards come into force on 1 May. The Law Society says they will be checking if firms are complying (which they have not done previously).

Our “COLP & COFA Service” provides precedents which already enable firms to comply with 90% of these standards. We are adding new documents on SDLT checks and advice to leasehold purchasers to address the biggest missing elements. We are also revising all our precedents, to reflect not just the CQS standards but also the new SRA Codes of Conduct.

All our precedents should reflect the CQS standards by the start of April, allowing firms a month to ensure they have updated their documentation. We are working with Alan Riley of Property PSL and compliance consultant Martina Hogg to ensure our documents are of the highest quality.

If you are interested in this service please contact andrea.jacobs@socratestraining.com.

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