CQS training – 2019 courses available from 1 August

The 2019 CQS training season starts shortly, with new courses on “Conveyancing Practice” and “Risk and Compliance”. Our new courses are ready to roll, have been approved by the Law Society, and can be taken from 1 August (as last year).

As ever it is mandatory for all conveyancing fee earners to do these courses, if your firm is in the Law Society’s “Conveyancing Quality Scheme”. The basic rule is that you have 6 months from 1 August to get everyone through, including passing the quizzes.

Topics covered this year include SDLT, defective title insurance, notices to complete, issues with HMLR restrictions, client care, fraud and the revised Code for Completion.

We were gratified by the feedback on our 2018 courses (that being the first time firms were allowed to choose training other than that from the Law Society itself). For example one subscriber to the Bold Legal Group posted this on their website.

We also switched to Socrates for the CQS training this year. Would definitely recommend them, much more user-friendly system and the courses were sensible and informative. We will definitely not go back to the Law Society.

In a discussion about the Law Society’s courses another wrote “New course providers are now available, including Socrates, which we have tried. It was much better. The presentation was much livelier and at least held your interest and whilst you still have to think about some of the questions there was much better feedback and overall I found the Socrates courses to be superior in every way to those.

There is a certain irony here, as the Law Society tried to justify its former self-awarded monopoly on the basis that only it could be trusted to provide the profession with reliable high-quality training. We hope that competition for your business will continue to benefit you and ultimately your clients.

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