INFORMATION SECURITY for LAW FIRMS (a.k.a. cyber security)


Law firms are at huge and growing risk from cybercriminals. Your staff need to be aware of the risk of fake firms, Friday afternoon frauds, phishing emails, man-in-the-middle attacks and more. This course alerts your staff to the dangers, and the simple things they can do to protect themselves and your business. It covers not just cybercrime but also other risks such as blagging, lost papers, misdirected emails etc.

A quiz checks people have understood.

It is practical and succinct, and takes about 30 minutes.
Suitable for both group and individual training.

Train everyone in your firm for just one subscription.


We also provide precedent paperwork, to help ensure you have an effective security policy in place, adapted to the circumstances of your firm.


At no extra charge, we will enrol you in the Socrates updating service. We will alert you to changes in law and practice by e-mail. We will also e-mail you revisions to the written materials as necessary.

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